Ya know how clothing stores often design one shirt then offer it in multiple colors? Black, white, some sort of neutral brown, then a range of colors — red, pink, blue, maybe purple or green?

Well. I’ve spent the last 15 some odd years shopping on auto-pilot, buying black if it was an option, moving on altogether if there were no neutral colors available. when am i healed?I have an entire closet full of variations on black, gray, and charcoal. I’ve been known to branch out into brown, camel, white, and denim. But I shy away from color. In a big way.

My sister Laura has teased me about this for years. She once went so far as to mock me by ironing letters onto a black t-shirt as a gift — “I’m only wearing black until they make something darker.” I get no respect…

She has always been particularly amused by my drab wardrobe because in that lineup I mentioned – the one with a few neutral colors and an array of reds, blues, pinks – she’s the one buying the brightest color on the rack. I buy the black version without even flinching — she picks up the neon orange. It’s how we roll.

When I included “Learn to wear color” as #84 on my Life List, I meant it. I really do want to learn how to pick up something green and know what to do with it. I don’t want to live in fear of colors like yellow and pink. There IS more to life than black, gray and various shades of denim.

So I’ve tried. I’ve forced myself to place colors like “mustard” and “plum” and “mint” in my closet. Thank God for Pinterest and the handful of “lifestyle” blogs I have frequented recently for ideas, because let’s face it — if I didn’t see it put together on a mannequin somewhere, I’m lost.

I had this text exchange with Laura a few weeks ago, and in my attempt to work on my Life List a little each month of 2013, I thought #84 might be a good one to focus on for March.

So help me. When will I know I’ve “learned”? When am I healed?


4 thoughts on “When am I healed?

  1. I, too, struggle with color.
    Step two in the healing process should be posting a picture of yourself in color. I dare you.

    1. I was afraid someone would suggest that…

  2. My husband has struggled with color also. When we married almost ten years ago, his wardrobe contained lots of tan, brown, olive, and strangely enough colorful dress jackets. It’s been a long ordeal, but slowly he’s learning that he actually looks good in color. He looks REALLY good in a bright royal blue, because of his eyes.

    Maybe as you venture out, you’ll find that one color that just looks smashing on you, and it won’t be so difficult?

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I’ve always thought yellow was for brave/crazy people — but lately, I’ve been catching myself buying several yellow tops and shoes! I’m not ready to call it my favorite yet, but it’s definitely near the top!

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