I imagine I’ll run this race every year that I can. Two years ago, The Cow Paddy was my first 5K ever. Last year, it was my first race (and first run!) after The Hogeye, my first marathon.

THIS year, it was a family affair. My sister Becky started running last year and has been working incredibly hard building up distance and endurance. She ran her first 5K back in August and has her sights set on a half marathon this spring! And Jeff is starting to catch the running bug, too — I knew it was just a matter of time.

My friend Tena is a saint (or a sucker…) and agreed to keep Colt while we all raced last Saturday afternoon at Gulley Park. She took this photo of us a split second before her dog Gracie took off like a shot to “greet” a dog walking too close to our group. Tena, camera, Gracie (on a leash, thank goodness) — all went flying. We are like a walking circus act.

cowpaddy2013 001_edit

The race itself was a little tricky. The wind was blowing like CRAZY and the entire course is grassy loops around the park — not the most thrilling scenery and I’m getting to be a pretty big baby about running on grass. But it was The Cow Paddy! A sentimental favorite!

I could see Jeff ahead of me nearly the entire race, but I lost sight of him on the last lap. After Colt helped me across the finish line I asked him, “where’s Daddy?” — certain he’d finished several minutes ahead of me. I looked up in time to see Jeff finish right behind me… Apparently, he’d been in a group of runners accidentally directed the wrong way during the final lap — and he did an extra lap! Over-achiever! In the confusion, Colt didn’t get to cross the finish line with Daddy, but we were ready when we saw Becky coming around the bend!

Cow Paddy_comp

When we saw the results later, Jeff was a little bummed to find out he would’ve been second in his age group if he hadn’t run the extra distance! We forgot to snag a photo with Tena, but we did take advantage of a group shot for Project Keeping TIME. Not a bad way to spend a windy, Fayetteville Saturday afternoon.

cowpaddy2013 007_edit

4 thoughts on “The family that runs together

  1. Looks fun! I haven’t raced on grass since high school!

    1. It’s so different — sometimes I forget that! I’ve enjoyed following your running, too!

  2. I need to point out your skinny legs. Looking good, Mother Hood. :)

    1. If only running worked your abs, right? :) Thanks, lady.

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