Friends, I need your help.

I feel like I’m losing my mind.

About two years ago, I had an idea for Colt’s room. I ordered a book of Eric Carle illustrations with plans to frame several of them for his wall.


I bought the book, but never actually framed any of the posters for his wall.

Fast forward to this week. Colt’s class is reading Eric Carle books all week and he came home Monday talking about it. I thought, “perfect! I have that book, and I never did anything with it! I’ll send it to school with Colt!”

So I started looking for it.


I KNOW it is somewhere in this house. But it’s NOWHERE. I have ransacked every room. I have looked in the same places over and over – and over again. It is absolutely consuming me. I’ve started hallucinating that I see it in a perfectly visible, normal spot. In my daydream, I casually walk into a room and there it is! But it ISN’T. It’s GONE.

It doesn’t even really matter, I know. So I don’t get to give it to Colt’s school. So what? But I can’t find it and there’s no reasonable explanation. It should be here. It should be RIGHT HERE. On a book shelf or behind a dresser or in a closet. We don’t throw things out. We squirrel things away under beds and in files. But this book. It’s making me batty.

So I need your help.

I’m putting this out there – to the great big internet world. I’m more and more convinced I must have given it to someone — and I have an increasingly terrible memory. So, please. One of you must have it. Right? PLEASE. Either that or one of you is capable of concocting a convincing story of what must have happened to it.


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