Grand Re-Opening | Spotlight: Travel

At 19, I got my passport. And by that point, I’d visited 20ish of 50 states. Heck, I’d LIVED IN four of them!

I doubt it was intentional, but my parents raised children with varying levels of wanderlust — and I’m no exception. I genuinely want to see the world, and I’m always looking for an excuse to use my passport.

Having a kiddo makes it a little trickier, but Colt’s almost old enough to start going with Jeff and me on adventures. Even now, though, we have our fair share of “domestic”, kiddo-friendly travels. I devoted an entire tab of the new blog layout to “travel” as much for me as for you — I love to revisit old photos and relive the stories. We have made some pretty incredible memories together as we’ve traveled — and I know there are many, many planes, trains, and automobiles in our future.



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2 thoughts on “Grand Re-Opening | Spotlight: Travel

  1. Congratulations for 8 long and wonderful years. In blog-years, that is probably 30, right?

    Okay, now I want to know the stories behind those photos.


    1. Thanks, Lyndi! Yes, it feels like “blog years” — 30 is about right!

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