Grand Re-Opening | Spotlight: Running

Even after all this time, it’s weird. If I use a handful of words to describe myself – “runner” is one of themgonerunning 004_edit. Funny how things happen, huh?

If you’re new-ish around here you may not understand why it’s weird, but it hasn’t been that long ago I ran my first mile – and it wasn’t pretty. After I made peace with being a “person who runs” and got past the somewhat discouraging fact that local 5Ks in Northwest Arkansas seem to be littered with former Razorback track athletes…  running and I became friends. And the rest is history.

Check out the “running” tab above for a complete list of past races, upcoming races, and all the training fun in between. Running is really, truly something I never saw coming for myself — but I’m enjoying the ride.


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