Grand Re-Opening | Spotlight: Life List

Sometimes I fantasize of a world in which living out my life list is my job. In my daydream, someone somewhere is willing to pay me to tackle one adventure after the next — and write about it. I travel the world, meet fascinating people, try new things, laugh a lot, and have an incredible time.

Someday. Maybe.

No hurry, actually. I’m 30 years old so I figure I have, what, 100 more years to fit it all in? That sounds doable. bucket

I wrote it back in 2010, and foolishly “committed” myself to 10 items before my 30th birthday. Sounded like a good idea at the time. In reality, I’ve done 7 so far. And while I resolved to work on the list a little each month of 2013, I’m not in any actual hurry to cross things off. I want to enjoy it. Relish it. That’s why I made the list in the first place. Not to rush through and be “done”.

I’m proud to report that I HAVE made progress so far in 2013. In January, I took a hot yoga class with my supportive, unsuspecting friend, Tena. And I spent some time in February working on the list of Best Picture award winners. I have plans for March. I’ll let you know soon.

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  • If you have a Life List I’d love to read it. Post a link in the comments or shoot me an email if you’re willing to share. I LOVE reading them.
  • Periodically, people have sent me suggestions, recommendations, and links for items on my list. I love that! If you know something I should know about something on this list — tell me!
  • Oh – and if you are that someone somewhere I’ve been waiting to hear from with news that you’re willing to hire me as a full-time life lister — call me.

[typography font=”Copse” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#1d305f”]let yourself live, love, and be changed.[/typography] [hr]

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2 thoughts on “Grand Re-Opening | Spotlight: Life List

  1. I’m revisiting your list – love it every time I read it. And, have I mentioned, I was once a killer cribbage player, thanks to countless hours spent at Camp Doha in Kuwait? That could be the one I do with you… or Homecoming at West Point. You know I’d love to go up there with you sometime. :)

  2. Yes!! Either of those! My parents’ families are all about some cribbage, and I’ve never seen it in Arkansas — I assumed it was a Yankee thing :)

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