Though I had plenty of work to do and anticipated a late night, I spent some time last night reading back through a few old blog posts after texting with a new friend about how “revealing” (read: completely embarrassing) they are of my personality during my formative, growing-up, college years. I haphazardly skipped around, cringing at the drama, but enjoying the comments – mostly made by my family in those days, as they were very nearly the only readers.

After stopping on a particularly woeful rant about college or work or an over-dramatic combination of the two, I glanced down at the comments and read this.

tom_blog comment

Even while he was deployed, Tom regularly left me comments. Almost always upbeat and funny. Sometimes, it seems, poignant and wise.

And instead of moving to the couch, opening my laptop, and spending a few hours catching up on work emails — I had a moment.  I cried, read those words over again – about 20 times, and went to bed.

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    1. :)

  1. What a gift you were given! (((HUG)))

    1. Indeed. Thanks Lyndi.

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