Saying things like “we never have plans on the weekend” is like boasting about “never getting sick” during flu season. Knock on wood all you want, but the universe wants you to be wrong.

Honestly. We never have plans. A few times a month we have something – dinner plans or a work trip or a haircut – and sometime last year I decided we finally needed to break down and maintain a family calendar. So, for the first time in the history of this Hood Family (est. 2006) we started writing down these little things on a calendar in the kitchen. I’ll admit, once everything was written down it really did seem like we were “busy”.  But I promise. We’re boring.

Then this Saturday happened.

I was up at 5:30 for a 20 mile run. I know, I know — that doesn’t exactly qualify as something worthy of the “social calendar”.  Nonetheless, it was on the schedule.  The marathon is three weeks away and this weekend’s run was critical. So 20 miles it was.

Usually, a 20 mile training run would render me borderline useless for the rest of the day — maybe even the rest of the weekend. But this weekend it was only the beginning. As we got back to the car after our run, Jeff pulled up. Switch!  Jeff was headed to the gym himself, so little guy and I headed to the bookstore to pick out a birthday gift for his friend Mia before going home for lunch and a desperately needed shower for me.

A short nap (for Colt…) later and we were back in the action. Birthday party! The party was at Boingo Bounce and I managed to flake on taking any photos of what would have been one big blur of bouncy, squealing action. (Here’s a quick post on a different trip to Boingo Bounce, for reference.) The kids had a BLAST, and played for an hour. Then it was time for cake and presents.

masquerade 004_edit_resize

And a quick self-portrait with Mommy.

masquerade 005_edit

Happy Birthday, Mia!

So, are you keeping track? 20 mile run + preschool birthday party. But wait! There’s more!

We got home from the birthday party in time to eat a quick dinner and get cleaned up to go out for the evening. The 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball at the Walton Arts Center.

masquerade 008_edit
We made Becky take our picture before we left the house that night. It was a little like prom.


My office had a table at the event, and we had a great time. I didn’t get a photo of our entire group, but here are a few shots of the fun folks we spent the evening with.

masquerade 012_edit
Jessica and Jody.
My coworker Josh and his sweet wife, Chantelle.
My coworker Josh and his sweet wife, Chantelle.
masquerade 018_edit
With Jim, the Managing Director of our NWA office. His mask freaked me out a little…
masquerade 031_edit
SSX Ladies! Brianne, Sarah, Jessica, Chantelle.

After the day we’d had, I seriously considered wearing my compression calf sleeves under my dress. No one would notice that, right?

masquerade 010_edit

The event was catered by Cafe Rue Orleans and there was music (we even danced!) and entertainment. Such a good time.  And we alllllmost lasted until last call. Around 10:30 my legs and feet and energy level were just done. Goodnight, friends!

masquerade 028_edit

So our Saturday was a little over-scheduled…  But fun! And exhausting. We spent most of Sunday groggy and sore — and catching up on rest.

Not to worry — I just checked the calendar and we are back to regularly scheduled not-much-planned programming for a while.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Survival

  1. First – that picture of Colt looking over his shoulder is ADORABLE!!
    Second – you and Jeff look fab.u.lous. I’m totalyl jealous that you went to the masquerade ball; looks like it was fun. And glamorous. (And, for the record, I do think you could’ve gotten away with wearing your compression socks under your dress.)

    1. Thanks! How did I know you would be supportive of my compression recovery plan? :)

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