It’s as if Seth and Kristen were singing just for me.

{If you didn’t stay awake long enough to watch the Sinatra-spoof, closing number at The Oscars check it out here:}

I used to have my finger on the pulse of Hollywood — as much as anyone in the Central Time Zone can.

studioboss 002_edit

It doesn’t have a date and since the AOL email address I was probably using back then has long since been overgrown with spam, I don’t know exactly what year I earned that puppy from E!, but it’s been collecting dust on my dresser for give or take 15 years. I won it by playing a game online called Studio Boss (I just checked. They don’t have it anymore…) that is much like Fantasy Football. I chose actors, directors, movies to be on my list and as the weeks went by their successes at the box office earned me points. I don’t remember what movies were out then or how many people I bested to win this thing, but I DO remember being pre-tty darn impressed with myself at the time.

Studio BOSS. I could pick ’em. It was also during this movie-obsessed period of my life that I decided I wanted to be a movie director and idolized James Cameron and saw Titanic approximately seven times IN THE THEATER. Not necessarily in that order…

And then I went to college — where I did NOT study to become a brilliant filmmaker — but continued to appreciate the storytelling and magic of movies. In my pre-“8-to-5” days, I discovered the joy of going to the theater during the day when there were fewer people to contend with and I could soak up the sights and sounds completely uninterrupted by cellphones ringing and people chatting.

I was a bottomless pit of otherwise useless Hollywood and movie knowledge and I sometimes wondered if the game Scene It? was created just for me and my movie trivia dominance.

But somewhere along the way — woven between married life, a full-time job, and becoming a mom — my firm, beloved grasp on Hollywood started slipping. Instead of seeing every film nominated for the Oscars each year I concentrated on seeing all of the Best Picture nominations. Eventually, even that started to slip.

And this year. An all-time low. There were nine films nominated for Best Picture. NINE. And I haven’t seen a single one of them. In fact, here’s my ballot for our office Oscars game — I haven’t seen a single movie represented on this entire page.

Click to enlarge.

It will come as no surprise that I did not win the office game. I didn’t even come close. I can’t even remember my “method” for making most of these predictions. (The blue checkmarks are my original predictions, the highlighted blue lines are the winners.) Some of them I went by the Golden Globe winner, some by just pure, wild guess — and poor Documentary Short, I just skipped right over it!

So. It’s snowing outside and I have the day off. And, as part of my 2013 plan to work on my Life List a little each month, I have two past Best Picture winners on the DVR.

You know where to find me.


One thought on “Here’s to the Losers

  1. Life is funny like that. Think of it this way… “keeping your Studio BOSS title” isn’t on your Life List!

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