This year, I resolved to “revive my life list” and tackle one adventure each month of 2013. Here we are on January 31st and I’ll bet you thought I’d already forgotten. Or just slacked.

#14 | Take a Hot Yoga class

There’s no big, profound reason for Hot Yoga appearing on the list, I had just always wanted to try it.  I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to become my new favorite passion (though I’ve been wrong before) — more of an experience I thought would be challenging and different. And thus, perfect for my list.

I was right. About all of that. It’s not my new favorite passion – in fact, I still can’t decide if I actually liked it. And it was nothing if not challenging and different.

Taking a Hot Yoga class was the perfect way to revive my list. Sitting in that class this week I was utterly out of my element and comfort zone. I tried my best to keep up with the instructor and the rest of the class while my sweet, supportive friend Tena periodically hissed “I hate you” in my direction. She agreed to OM_editgo with me for moral support, even after having attended the first 20 minutes of a class a year ago and deciding she hates it. I helpfully reminded her that you’re probably not allowed to say “hate” in yoga class. It’s against the rules. Or something.

But we survived. We survived the Downward Dog and the Pigeon Pose and the Vinyasa. And I probably just used at least one of those terms incorrectly. But somewhere between all the sweating and the realization that my hips just really don’t do that — I was reminded of the reasons I wrote my Life List at all. I didn’t set out to write a list of “100 Things I Know I Will Love” or “100 Things That Will Be Easy and Just Like Everything I Already Do Every Day”. I wanted the list to challenge me — some are physical challenges, some are mental challenges. Some of them require strength and dedication while others require the absolute absence of commitment and routine. As I’ve thought more about Hot Yoga — I’ve decided I’m glad I didn’t love it. Well, maybe not glad. But, as I tackle adventures on my list, it’s definitely OK if I experience things that are new and different — and just not for me. THAT will be success.

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One thought on “When you’re hot, you’re hot.

  1. I was honored to share this experience with you! And so happy that we lived to tell about it

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