My Uncle Jerry spent Christmas with us this year. He lives in South Dakota so it probably didn’t take much convincing to get him on a plane headed for San Antonio — like flying south for the winter.  Jerry is my mom’s older brother – well, one of them – and it was great to have a nice, relaxing few days to catch up with him.

On the night we got to town, he waited a few hours before he hit me with it. He got all serious, lowered his eyes, and motioned me over with a, “we need to talk.”  He handed me a photo.

121208 037

You may recognize that baby. It’s Colt. FOUR YEARS AGO. It seems that photo is the most recent one Uncle Jerry has of the little guy.

The shame.

He was six months old. His first Christmas. And – with intentions to do it every year – I went all over-achiever on everyone that first Christmas and sent framed photos of Colt to family. And – evidently… – never did it again.

So Jerry had taken the photo out of the frame and brought it with him to Texas. As a trade-in.

It’s not as if there’s a shortage of photos of this child. But I couldn’t believe it had really been four whole years since I’d sent a new one.

The wheels started turning. I owe a new photo to grandparents… aunts… uncles… Colt’s school didn’t take school pictures this fall… We didn’t do a Christmas card (That’s right. Your mailbox didn’t eat it — I never sent it.), but I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing a Valentine’s Day card… We haven’t had a family photo taken in way too long…

So I emailed Kim. Kim is the brains and talent behind Sweet Portrayal Photography. We met her a few years ago when she shot photos of Colt and me for a story in NWA’s Peekaboo Magazine. I knew she could help. And help she did! (Even though she’s primarily a natural light photographer and it’s not exactly sunny, lush and green outside in January…)

Spoiler alert: we got family photos done! Kim posted a few of them to her Facebook page – so you may have already seen them. But I am so in love you get to see them again.




I have more! But I won’t drown you in them.

Uncle Jerry — Thank you for the “motivation”.  Your updated photo of the monkey will be in the mail soon!

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