Unfortunately, this season didn’t bring visions of bowl games dancing in the heads of Hog fans. But if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

ULM (Jeff’s alma mater) beat the Razorbacks in Little Rock this year (though we were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon at the time and didn’t know the result of the game until three days later!) but no sour grapes here. When we heard ULM had earned a bid to their first bowl game EVER, we made plans to be there. To sweeten the deal, it was the Independence Bowl in Shreveport. Less than two hours away from Monroe – practically a home game for the Warhawks!

famxmas2012 054_edit

We got to Shreveport with plenty of pre-game time to visit with Jeff’s old friends, coworkers, and fraternity brothers. I even felt like a minor celebrity when so many of them recognized me from Facebook. (Even after all this time, Jeff has not given up and created his own Facebook profile so his friends from high school and college have to be “friends” with me. Hi Smackover/Monroe friends! It was nice to finally meet a lot of you!)

ULM fans really showed up — their stands were packed! The above photo was taken well into the third quarter when it had started to get misty, windy and COLD so people had started to leave. We finally gave up, too, when my toes started to go numb. The game didn’t go ULM’s way, but we had a great time — and I know ULM is looking forward to another great season in 2013. Go Warhawks!