2013This week I read that someone actually calculated the statistically most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday, they call it. The perfect storm of holiday letdown (and the arrival of credit card bills), dreary weather, and resolutions already broken — motivation is at an all-time low. Brace yourselves, this year it falls on January 21st.

So maybe I was subconsciously doing myself a favor, waiting until I was ready to face Blue Monday head-on. So here I am. 16 days into the fresh, new year — and ready to stick-it to Blue Monday. Oh, who are we kidding? It’ll be months before I write “2013” without having to stop and think about it. What’s the harm in documenting goals for the new year when we’re already halfway to February?

Sarah’s goals/resolutions/plans for 2013

1. Revive my Life List. I first penned my “bucket list” in April 2010 and though I had grand, romantic plans to cross off 10 things before my 30th birthday, I’ve only tackled 6 items so far. To be fair, “run” was once an item on the list because it sounded like such an exotic and ridiculous thing to do. In crossing off “run” I got a little distracted and spent the last 18 months crossing it off over and over and over again. But running and I have finally settled into a nice rhythm and I’m ready to take another good look at the List. One adventure each month of 2013. Go.

2. Go to bed earlier. This one is simple. And hard. In fact, accomplishing this goal makes accomplishing nearly every other goal on this list even harder. The irony.

3. No French fries. I did this back in 2010. Well, kinda. Jeff and I both vowed to make 2010 the year of no French fries. And we did it. Until July when we came down off Mt. Whitney and had the biggest, juiciest, greasiest cheeseburgers you’ve ever seen in your life. And a side of fries.

4. Run a sub-5 hour marathon. I know I have this in me. My current marathon PR is 5:46. Shaving 46 minutes is big, but doable. And I’m currently 39 days from my next chance to make it happen — the Cowtown Marathon in Ft. Worth. Marathon #3 will be the big sub-5.

5. Catch up on Colt’s books. I started doing yearbooks for Colt after his first birthday, and though they are something I really, truly enjoy creating — I tend to get behind and overwhelmed. Like two years behind. And counting. His first year and second year are done, printed and on our bookshelf. But year three and year four are each around halfway complete and I’m already staring down the barrel of year five. I am determined not to let this go. If I let them pile up anymore — they’ll never get finished and I’ll be mad at myself twenty years from now. And we can’t have that. (5b. I’m also behind on photobooks for our last few trips — Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. And I told myself I’d do a “Journey to my first marathon” book. We’ll consider 5b. a bonus goal.)

6. De-clutter our lives. I found this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it spoke to me. It may take longer than 40 days, but we are doing this. We need this.

7. Keep my personal email inbox under control. How’s THAT for subjectivity? I don’t know how to quantify this, but I’ll know if it’s been addressed. My personal inbox is ridiculous. I keep things with no real intention of going back to them and I don’t “Unsubscribe” when I know I should. This is another easy one. In theory.

In no particular order, there are my 7 real, written, shared-with-the-internet goals. I have work to do.


2 thoughts on “And now, 2013.

  1. I apparently need to resubscribe to your RSS feed – good thing you tweeted this, or I would’ve missed it. Love it. And let me know where I can help with the sub-5:00 goal. But I’m not signing up for helping with the french fry goal. Girl has to know her limits. :)

  2. These are great goals to have, Sarah! Maybe I should try giving up French Fries, I’m sure that would help my running times!

    I like your new site, very clean and polished looking. Hope you have a nice day!

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