It’s an old Reba song, but I still hear it on the radio sometimes.

So what do you say in a moment like this
When you can’t find the words to tell it like it is
Just bite your tongue and let your heart lead the way

We spent Saturday morning at the Fayetteville National Cemetery, laying wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers as part of Wreaths Across America. Becky and I have volunteered in years past, but this was the first year Colt was old enough to help.

Before the wreath laying, there was a short ceremony and a few key guests and speakers. National Anthem, of course. Taps and a 21-gun salute.

And it was hard. Harder than I thought.

There haven’t been that many times in his short, little life that I’ve had to explain — things. He’s been with us at fundraisers and races and Memorial Days, but he’s always been too young to even begin to listen. And he’s been too young to ask questions. And I suppose I should have been spending that time thinking about what I would say when he was finally old enough to ask.

What do you say?

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I grew up an Army kid, and I’m so grateful my childhood was filled with countless opportunities to learn respect and patriotism and reverence. I know it’s in me to pass that to my little guy. He’s so young and it’s hard to stomach the swirling thoughts of all of the tough conversations we will have in his lifetime. I hope and pray I’ll have the wisdom and the judgment to give him the right dose at the right time.

And I am so, so grateful to have friends like Justin and Amanda (both veterans and West Point grads) who feel the way we do about spending a Saturday morning teaching our kiddos about doing our part. That our simple, small actions — can be special.

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One thought on “What do you say?

  1. Love this post. We have volunteered for years and answered many of the questions I dreaded for years. But it is a good thing to teach them. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

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