The cookies never saw it coming.

And Amanda’s kitchen will never be the same.

But the kiddos made flour and sprinkles into a new art form.

The only downside — deciding halfway through the afternoon that we should have set up a video camera to capture the giggling, shrieking, wiggling, sprinkly fun we were having. (And to get a picture of Becky! Becky was there, too, but she took all the pictures! Hi Becky!)

xmascookies 003_edit

xmascookies 013_edit

xmascookies 017_edit

xmascookies 020_edit

xmascookies 022_edit

xmascookies 023_edit

xmascookies 025_edit

xmascookies 026_edit

xmascookies 028_edit

xmascookies 029_edit

xmascookies 031_edit

xmascookies 034_edit

xmascookies 038_edit

xmascookies 039_edit

xmascookies 047_edit

xmascookies 053_edit

xmascookies 055_edit

xmascookies 056_edit

You’d never know there are sugar cookies under there. Somewhere.

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

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