It’s been unseasonably warm here for weeks. Months, even. We decorated the tree in shorts, we baked cookies with warm sunshine streaming in the windows — we’ve been enjoying weather in the 60s!

But winter had to get here eventually. And it decided to arrive today. We invited Becky and Scott & Tena to join us and we made plans to meet for pizza, then stroll around the downtown square, enjoying the lights and visiting Santa. SIMPLE. PLAN.

First, Tena let me know they were opting out and told me we were crazy for still planning to go “in this weather”.  But I was determined. “It’s not THAT cold,” I thought.

We should have known when we landed a primo parking spot that we wouldn’t exactly be fighting the crowds… And as we got out of the car, bundled up for the first time all year, it was obvious why.

C-O-L-D. Wind gusts. Biting cold. Kiddo ASKING for gloves and a hat.

New plan. Head straight for Santa then take a family photo and get the heck back in the car.

But as we walked up to Santa’s garden area, my heart sank. It was dark. And deserted. Way to go, Mom of the Year. Santa isn’t even HERE. (Who knew Santa was only a weekend gig?) (Probably everyone but me.)

New new plan. Take a family photo as quickly as possible and get the heck back in the car. And maybe go find Santa at the mall.

lightssanta 003_edit_resize

lightssanta 004_edit_resize

After they humored me for a quick photo they took off for the car. As we were running from the wind, I turned around and snapped these two photos of the lights. They really do an incredible job. Also, these shots do a pretty good job of depicting the “crowd”. The handful of people in the first one were literally the only other people there during the seven minutes we were out of the car.

lightssanta 006_edit_resize

lightssanta 007_edit_resize

So instead of the lovely family evening I had anticipated — hot chocolate, Christmas lights, music, camel rides. I found myself standing in line for nearly an hour so that this sweet kiddo could ask Santa for a chainsaw.

Northwest Arkan_20121220_000412_edit

I just noticed he’s wearing nearly the exact same outfit in the photo from last year’s Santa visit. Somebody get that kid a stylist.


2 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. A chainsaw? Like father, like son!

  2. Your sister officially has mad camera skills. That first picture of you guys is awesome.

    Merry Christmas to y’all! Safe travels and we’ll see you soon!!!

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