It would probably only take me a few minutes of digging around in my archives to find enough evidence to drive home this point, but why bother? NOT doing the homework in order to make the point almost seems more appropriate.

I feel like I write to apologize around this time every year. Apologize for letting life keep me busy and away from the keyboard. Apologize for having “plenty to write” but not finding time to actually write it. And as I sat staring at this screen a minute ago, feeling guilty that it’s been more than 10 days since I posted any signs of life — I realized that it’s not just having plenty to write, it’s having plenty I NEED to write.

And I’ve identified that as the problem. This time of year is pretty intense — for my calendar and my sleep schedule, but mostly for my brain. And my heart. Lots going on. Lots to think about. Lots to sort out. And instead of sorting it out in writing, I let it stack up a little. I go to bed early or answer a few emails, but I let the “musings” pile up until there’s no good place to start and if I DID try to start somewhere it would end up coming out like this bit of nonsense.

So I’m not apologizing.

And I’m still going to bed early tonight.

But I just wanted to check in.


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