I have talked about it for what seems like years, but I am finally, actually moving from Typepad to WordPress. Don’t worry! Everything here is coming with me and I hope (fingers crossed!) you won’t notice any interruption in content or access or anything like that. I’ve found someone who knows far more about these things than I do — and he is helping me migrate.

I’m excited! New blogging platform, new look, new design and layout — same me.

In order to minimize the “down time”, I’ll be making all these changes and updates while the site is still live — so you might see some of my good/bad/ugly trial-and-error before it’s all said and done. Thanks in advance for stickin’ with me.

P.S. With the exception of actually moving all my post content (nearly 8 years of blogging, folks, I had to hire a professional…) I’m doing all the other customization and fiddling (technical term… ha!) myself. If you happen to know something about WordPress customization or design – please let me know!


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