As I mentioned, my parents were here last week and able to take advantage of some quality kiddo time. Lucky for all of them – they absolutely adore each other. And – as you’ll see in a minute – they are willing to do nearly anything to make each other giggle. Please enjoy this potpourri of photos (and video!) from their time together in Fayetteville.


One afternoon, Colt requested a trip to the hardware store. Some people take kids to toy stores… Some people take kids to Disney World… We – go to Home Depot.

We were there for well over an hour and didn’t buy a single thing. We walked up and down every aisle listening to Colt ask, “Pawpaw, what does THIS do?”

Pumpkinpatch 068_edit

We checked out hammers and wrenches and light bulbs and pipes and appliances and windows and flooring and lawnmowers and anything and everything else Home Depot had to offer.

Pumpkinpatch 069_edit
Pumpkinpatch 070_edit

Pumpkinpatch 071_edit

Pumpkinpatch 072_edit

In addition to firemen, Colt has a recent (and strengthening) affinity for what he calls “worker bees”. Worker Bees are handymen, construction workers, plumbers, carpenters — anyone who uses tools. Lucky for him, both his grandpas are worker bees and are happy to show him the ropes.

Pumpkinpatch 074_edit

Pumpkinpatch 075_edit

Pumpkinpatch 076_edit


After the Home Depot outing, Colt insisted on showing Mawmaw and Pawpaw his FULL fire gear. (This picture absolutely cracks me up. And you can’t even see the “tank”, a.k.a. sleeping bag, on his back!)


As a surprise, Mawmaw brought Colt a VERY realistic firesuit handed down from a family friend. What you CAN see in this photo is that it’s about 5 sizes too big (not that he cares!), but what you CAN’T see is the pants! The best part! They are full-sized pants with suspenders! And the whole suit is made out of heavy canvas and reflective material. He could barely walk!



I tried to warn them he would get the hang of this quickly. They didn’t listen. After about two rounds, Colt was beating the pants off both of them in Memory. He would even go so far as to mock their losses. “Mawmaw has one match. Pawpaw has one match. I have (pointing while counting) one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…” Stinker.

Pumpkinpatch 085_edit


Mamawpapaw 002_edit


Mom and Dad didn’t feel like our house was noisy enough — so they bought and installed a new bike accessory for Little Guy. Thanks guys…

New Bike Accessory from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

 CLICK HERE if you don’t see a video.


We picked him up from school after nap on Tuesday — and headed straight for the park. He had a new firetruck ball that needed breaking in.

Mamawpapaw 008_edit

Mamawpapaw 014_edit

Mamawpapaw 015_edit

This next picture is one of my absolute favorites. He is laughing so hard trying to escape Pawpaw.

Mamawpapaw 020_edit

Colt and Pawpaw ran around like crazy, chasing each other, chasing the ball, chasing Mawmaw… It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were trying our best to make the most of it.

Monkey Bars Tutorial from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

CLICK HERE if you don’t see a video.

Mamawpapaw 025_edit

Mamawpapaw 030_edit

Mamawpapaw 040_edit

 And here, friends, is the crown jewel of our day at the park. WARNING: You can’t watch this without laughing. This is why video cameras were invented.

Silly Seat from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

“Ed, you need to try this.”

Pawpaw in the Silly Seat from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

CLICK HERE if you don’t see the videos. You CANNOT miss these.


There you have it. Grandparent Potpourri. Stay tuned! Pumpkin Patch pictures coming soon!


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  1. Way way way too funny!!!

  2. This is DANGEROUS!! Hahahaha!! Oh my, how I love that little man. And I LOVE that your mom is playing PVC pipes with him at HD!! I see where you get your sense of FUN!!

  3. That was too funny! I laughed til I cried.

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