Honestly, I thought Colt’s first Razorback football game was still a few years away, seeing as it would require sitting still in a small, defined space and focusing on one primary event for hours on end.

He’s four, people. Those things are a distant dream.

So we are content to be those fans who haven’t actually used our season tickets in years. We tailgate — then come home and watch our own TV from our own comfy couch and eat our own junk food.

But a few weeks ago, for the Rutgers game, the Razorbacks extended an invitation we couldn’t possibly refuse. Because of his work with Razorback student-athletes, Jeff was an honorary “Game Day Professor” — which meant we had backstage passes to the game!

First Razorback football game – here we come!

FirstFBgame 048_edit

Before kickoff, we went down on the field and checked things out. Colt was wide-eyed and, I think, a little overwhelmed by everything going on down there.

FirstFBgame 051_edit

FirstFBgame 055_edit

Here we are with our hosts from Athletics: Ryan, Will, and Waqa. Thanks guys!

FirstFBgame 056_edit

FirstFBgame 057_edit

He spotted Tyler Wilson warming up and made me take picture after picture of him. “Mommy, there he is! Take his picture! He’s wearing my number!”

Yes, Buddy. HE’S wearing YOUR number.

FirstFBgame 060_edit

This might be the best shot of our seats — the brick building/patio over Jeff’s right shoulder, below the PigScreen.

FirstFBgame 063_edit

Once we were on the field, we decided to do a lap and see the action from all angles. The above photo was taken from the south endzone, and the below is a shot of the student section — already filling up, hours before kickoff.

FirstFBgame 064_edit

And! Tusk! He wasn’t ABOUT to touch that thing’s nose, but he didn’t mind stopping to say hello.

FirstFBgame 066_edit

FirstFBgame 065_edit

This was one of Colt’s favorite parts of the tour – in the north endzone. It’s tough to tell from this photo, but this is the tunnel the Razorbacks explode out of at the beginning of the games — it’s a giant (what Colt calls a) “pig’s nose” and we are standing in the very center.

FirstFBgame 069_edit

Our history with, and suspicion of, costumed mascots is well-documented, but we thought we’d give it a try anyway. This is Sue E. and Colt decided she was “the big Razorback’s sister”. Fair enough. He couldn’t stop giggling, but this was as close to Sue E. as he cared to get.

FirstFBgame 071_edit

FirstFBgame 072_edit

This picture kills me. I don’t remember taking it and I can’t even tell what I was trying to take a picture of — but I assure you this wasn’t the intended result. My favorite part might be the look on the face of the lady behind him. What a monkey…

FirstFBgame 077_edit

FirstFBgame 080_edit

Calling the Hogs then watching them run out of “the pig’s nose” and through the A.

FirstFBgame 093_edit

Our seats were really, really perfect for bringing the little guy. We had snacks, drinks, room to stretch our legs — and a great view!

FirstFBgame 094_edit

FirstFBgame 106_edit

Throughout the evening, there were times I felt like I was interrupting an important father/son milestone. I suspect there are many, many more Hog games in the future for these two.

Our original plan was to make it to halftime then get Little Guy home for bed, but he did great! We stayed until nearly the 4th quarter! This season hasn’t materialized quite like Razorback Nation would have hoped, but this kid is a Hog through and through.

Thanks again to the Athletic Department for the invitation and for making the occasion extra special. Go Hogs!

FirstFBgame 118_edit

FirstFBgame 122_edit

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