It’s very nearly an official holiday in this house, the first weekend of college football.

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Living in a college town, we can’t help but get caught up in the excitement and energy of game day. And we don’t even try to fight it. Colt says 8 is his favorite number because “it looks like a race track”. Well, how ’bout that, Buddy? I bet it’s Tyler Wilson’s favorite number, too!

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Jeff got a chance to work with the TV guys so he Tweeted me those photos from the Press Box as The Boy and I headed home after tailgating, or what Colt calls “The Razorback Party”.  Here we are enjoying The Razorback Party with our sweet friend, Tena.


It was warmer than we’d anticipated, but we had a blast. There is a long season of fun tailgating ahead of us! (By the way, the three of us sitting calmly in the grass gives a perfectly wrong impression of the whole setup — I’ll be sure and take a photo next time. There are big screen TVs, full-size tents as big as my first apartment, and food as far as the eye can see. We tailgate IN STYLE.)


Our favorite season is officially here. Bring on the boys of fall!


Saturday night as I tucked him into bed —

Me: Goodnight, Little Razorback.
Colt: Goodnight, *pause* Mommy Razorback.


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  1. Lovelovelove!!! And it DOES look like a racetrack. That kid is brilliant, I tell you. ;)

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