Usually, I warn you when I go on summer hours, but I guess this year I just assumed you knew.

So. I’ve been on summer blogging hours. FYI.

Which means, essentially, I’ve blogged on no particular schedule and at no regular interval. This is equal parts freeing and stressful for me as I would really prefer to post a few times a week, but it’s been nice to let myself get a little lazy and go a few more days than usual between posts.

What’s different about this summer though is the way the lax blogging attitude has spilled over into the rest of our lives.  And it’s not really as if our schedule changes that much in the summer… we have non-seasonal jobs, Colt goes to school year-round. But when the temperature goes up – my motivation goes down. Well, motivation to do anything but have lazy, (mostly) air conditioned fun, that is.

I had big plans. I was going to clean out closets! Sort toys! Consign clothes! Work on the five – count them, FIVE – Shutterfly photo books I’ve started and haven’t finished! I was going to update/reorganize the blog! Read some of the emails in my personal inbox that have been there for an embarrassingly long time (and finally admit my I-SWEAR-I’ll-read-that-later method is clearly not effective…)!

SPOILER ALERT: None of those things has either happened or is scheduled to happen in the immediate future.

There have been pockets of activity and productivity, and we are certainly on the go. But pesky things like housework and – evidently – blogging have taken a backseat to things like reading and bike riding and swimming and napping and afternoon trips for ice cream.

All that to say, now I know that you know that I know I’ve been lazy. It’s not a secret anymore. And now I can feel slightly less guilty about the lull between this post and the next.

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