I just couldn’t help myself so I stole my own thunder last week by posting a few photos of our Sisters Weekend to Facebook.

But not to worry, there are more!

Laura drove up from Dallas to visit for a few days and we had some good ole Sister Time – which doesn’t happen nearly enough.

After spending Friday night at a party for my work friends Tena and Scott, we somehow convinced the boys to come with us and we all got up Saturday morning to cheer Becky in her very first 5k.


She has spent this miserably hot summer working really, really hard and we were thrilled to be there for her big day. She also has a handful of fun, supportive friends who registered with her.

Grapes5k 006_edit

After an odd, delayed start – they were off!

Grapes5k 028_edit

The course was a huge loop and we wouldn’t see them again until the end, so we had some time to hang out and keep The Boy entertained.

Child entertainment was mostly Laura’s job for the morning. Here they are taking a self-portrait. (Colt was fascinated by Laura’s bag and insisted it be in the picture.)

Laura's Bag_edit

And before we knew it, there was Becky!

Grapes5k 046_edit

I ran out on the course a bit to run alongside and help give her that last kick to the finish line.

And, as has become tradition, Colt (and Becky’s friend Heather) helped her with the final stretch.

Grapes5k 050_edit

Grapes5k 055_edit

Yay! Yay! Yay! Go Becky!

I am so crazy proud of her. First 5k! And we’re doing a 10k together in September!

After IHOP brunch everyone went their separate ways for showers and naps, and we met up again that evening for my new favorite activity on the planet.


I had only ever heard of this place a week beforehand when Jeff’s office was there for a team building day. Becky, Laura and I decided it just must be part of our Sisters Weekend so we signed up!

Essentially, it’s a step-by-step painting class for absolute beginners. They make it fun with music and wine.  It’s a night out with your friends — and you get to paint something cute.




IMG_1952_edit IMG_1959_edit

IMG_1968_edit IMG_1969_edit IMG_1973_edit




Ok… So I took a lot of pictures. We seriously loved it. In fact, before we ever started painting I was already trying to find an excuse to go back again. SO fun.

So — here’s the picture from their website. Starflowers. This is what we were painting that night:


And heeeeeere’s the finished product!

Grapes5k 065_edit

I went a little wild and strayed from the prescribed colors. But I think they turned out great! Becky was expected to leave us all in the dust as she is the one with 100% of the artistic talent, but I think Laura and I held our own!

Sunday afternoon Laura and Becky went to Crystal Bridges, while I recuperated from the busiest weekend my social calendar has seen in quite some time. But we have already decided to make our Sisters Weekend an annual event!

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