The “cool” genes must be passed down on the father’s side, because I assure you this kid didn’t get any of his coolness from his nerdy mother.

Well, either that or I’ve allowed him to hang out with far too many people like this.

Newbike 002_edit

There’ll be no living with him after this.

Yep. This week, a box labeled TREK and addressed to the little guy showed up at our door. Ross strikes again.

But this time she wasn’t here to assemble it in person, so yours truly (the only person in this house wise and patient enough to thoroughly read instructions) was put in charge.

And naturally, since it hadn’t rained here in weeks, it started pouring as we opened the box so we were confined to the garage floor.

Newbike 009_edit

Newbike 014_edit

It is truly a wonder the thing ever got assembled and hasn’t fallen apart. Though I did have excellent help.

Newbike 026_edit

Shortly after we started the process Colt ran inside “to get some tools”. He came back with a “drill and a mallet” made of Legos. At some point he also added his “workin’ boots”. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Newbike 055_edit

Newbike 060_edit

At last! It’s a bike!

Newbike 097_edit

(I’ve already been informed by Ross’s boyfriend Kellen — ALSO a cool kid — that the front wheel is on backwards in the above photo. I know… I know… I fixed it shortly after that picture was taken. And in all honesty, Kellen, it’s probably not the only thing I assembled a little wonky…)

And! After a few (attempted) laps inside the garage, it stopped raining! By this time he’d traded his yellow workin’ boots for some socks-with-sandals and the party could start!

Newbike 116_edit

It was quite a change from his tricycle to the big boy bike, but – like every other “big boy” step he’s taken lately – he got the hang of it quickly and proved himself a fearless, determined, independent little guy.

Once he got it – he got it. And he rode back and forth in front of the house, getting braver and braver – and faster and faster.

It was the kind of thing that really must be captured on video. And, sadly, my videography skills are worse than my bike assembly skills. I hope this video doesn’t make you motion sick.

New Bike! from Sarah Hood on Vimeo.

 {Click HERE if you don’t see a video.}


And just like that the new bike was broken in. He’s STILL talking about “the blood, Mommy, the BLOOD!” Boys are so gross.

Cool and gross.

Newbike 117_edit

4 thoughts on “Too Cool

  1. Great job! It was that 50mm box wrench that made it all possible. LOL

  2. I love how composed you are during and after the crash. You didn’t even gasp… you’re a neutral journalist reporting on the drama.

    What an exciting summer for the Hoods!

  3. I LOVE THIS BIKE. I want one like it. The work boots and Lego tools are my favorite bits.

  4. Colt: “I’m getting tired.”
    Jeff: “That’s what we want.”


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