I knew entering the Peachtree lottery might mean we would actually have to make plans to FLY to Atlanta, and I still remembered the LAST time we flew with this munchkin…

Quote from my account of “Baby’s First Flight”“…we vowed that there would be no more air travel for the little guy until he was able to walk, talk and MIND.”


So… it wasn’t horrible, but I knew a trip like this could’ve gone either way.

Lucky for us he was beyond excited and couldn’t have been more ready to prove his big boy status.

DAY 1:

Atlanta 001_edit

He talked about “flying on an airplane to Aunt Lynn’s house” for WEEKS. E-X-C-I-T-E-D.

Atlanta 005_edit

We made it through airport security without a hitch and we set up camp near the window so he could keep an eye on “our plane”.

His carry-on includes a book, a stuffed puppy dog, and an extra pair of underwear. Only the essentials.

Atlanta 006_edit


“Mommy, you don’t get wings. Only big boys get wings.”


Multitasking: Sprite, pretzels, and Blues Clues on his “iPad”.


I will boldly and confidently say, he is the PERFECT age for this kind of travel. He was incredible on the plane and even thought the few minutes of turbulence were fun.

We had zero issues with our flights and luggage, and Paige was there to fetch us on the other side!

DAY 2:

Race day. Technically, this was the “reason” for going to Atlanta, though we’ve definitely been looking to visit Jeff’s brother Paige, his wife Lynn and their kids Courtney and Eric for years. The race was a lot of fun — check THIS out for the full story.


After the race, the boys headed to the golf course and we headed for Five Guys as I like to reward myself with greasy, cheesy goodness after a race. After lunch and a much-needed nap for everyone involved — pool time!

Lynn’s gracious neighbors, Mr. Chuck (who was golfing with our boys) and Ms. Leila, let us invade their backyard pool for the afternoon and we had a ball.

What better way to spend the 4th of July, folks? Feet in the swimming pool and eating a popsicle. It’s a rough life this kid leads…

Atlanta 081_edit

Atlanta 088_edit

It was a really nice, relaxing day. Well, after the hot, sweaty 10K that morning… but after THAT it was nice and relaxing.

DAY 3:

Lynn and I decided to pack it all in. In hindsight we should have just planned to stay an extra day, but it ended up working out well. They boys golfed (again!), and Lynn and I psyched ourselves up for a packed day of fun with the little guy.

We spent the morning at their club pool where Colt made a little friend. (We continue to be shocked and overjoyed when we see him befriending other kids at the park and at the pool – maybe he has my social skills after all!)

Atlanta 094_edit

But the big news! He saw a few of the big kids jumping off the diving board, so – you guessed it – diving board it was.

Atlanta 096_edit

And more jumping.

{CLICK HERE if you don’t see videos.}

Such a cute little daredevil, right?

We finished up at the pool, headed home for lunch and a nap, then woke up in time for an appointment with LEGOLAND!

Atlanta 124_edit

This boy is all about some Legos, and this was really fun. It starts with a tour of the Lego “factory”, and a description of how they make Legos, how hot the plastic gets, how many different colors they use, etc.

Atlanta 103_edit

Then the tour takes you into a huge room featuring the city of Atlanta built of Legos! I didn’t take many pictures of it, but they had it all in there — Olympic Park, The Georgia Aquarium, all the ballparks, and the entire skyline. There was even a Delta jet flying overhead!

Naturally, Colt gravitated toward this particular building.

Atlanta 104_edit

After Atlanta-in-Legos, the tour opened up into a larger, open room with multiple Lego activities for the kids. They could build race cars, buildings, anything they wanted. There were SO many Legos.

Atlanta 107_edit

I can’t imagine that’s very comfortable.

One of the activities was a 4D movie. We had to stand in line a bit, and I made sure we got seats on the aisle as I was CERTAIN he was going to hate it and want the heck outta there after 2 minutes.

But he LOVED IT. He kept his 3D glasses on the entire time and thought the 4D effects (bubbles, fog, water sprinkles) were downright hilarious. He kept asking if we could see another movie like that!

Atlanta 109_edit

Atlanta 116_edit

Before it was time to go, we had time for one last activity. What he was calling “The Fire House”. It was a big playland on one end of the room. They were letting in a certain number of kids at a time – so more line-waiting – but he was willing to be patient if it meant he could run like a wild animal with the big kids in the fire-themed playland. Oh – and he had to wear socks. Luckily, Aunt Lynn had read this on the LEGOLAND website before we left the house and grabbed some socks for him to wear. They were WAY too big, but he was determined to keep them on his feet.

Atlanta 120_edit

Watch the background of the video carefully. This was in part of the playland – those Legos are foam blocks. I was filming him playing and was totally oblivious to the slingshot action going on in the background. Ha! But he survived.

Still trying to pack it all in, we headed home to get the boys and Courtney and head for the Aquarium!

By this point, we were all exhausted but he was really great. There’s so much to see at that place we could have spent all day, but we spent the perfect amount of time that afternoon – watching and petting the stingrays…

Atlanta 132_edit

And meeting all the fish…

Atlanta 136_edit

Atlanta 140_edit

Photo 1 (2)_edit

I didn’t get a picture of it, but we also went to the dolphin show which was pretty impressive. Aside from not caring for the loud music, he was all about the dolphin show. Jumping, spinning, you name it.

Atlanta 142_edit

Finally, it was time to round out our packed day-o-fun with a trip to The Varsity for supper. We stuffed ourselves with chili dogs and onion rings — and our trip to Atlanta felt complete.

And then we all went home and collapsed into bed.

DAY 4:

Time to leave. We had a really, really good time and it was encouraging to know Colt is old enough to do fun, touristy things when we travel now. (Look out, San Antonio!)

I wish I’d taken more pictures of our week (typically, I document every 5 minute interval of our vacations, all photo journalistic like), but I guess it shows how much fun we were having — less time to stop for photos. Mostly, I’m bummed I didn’t convince everyone to cooperate for a group photo — but there’s always next time!

Photo 3 (2)_edit

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