Big Boy Bed | Part I (Part II will come tomorrow, when I am not utterly exhausted and can muster enough energy to edit the rest of the photos from today.)

Papaw (my dad) came into town last night and it kicked off our incredibly exciting weekend of BIG BOY BED installation — and I went to bed without giving you Day 8. Apologies. As I mentioned, Day 9 is only half the story, so now I owe you big.

And now I’ll be quiet and let the pictures do some talking.

Bigboybed 006_edit

Bigboybed 012_edit



Bigboybed 021_edit

Bigboybed 028_edit

Bigboybed 045_edit

I promise. I really do. Pictures AND more context. And the rest of the bed story — assembly and the finished product! Tomorrow.

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