Plan for today: work for me, school for the little guy. (Daddy is out of town.)

What actually happened today: pinkeye.

Photo 2

The pinkeye-ness isn’t overwhelming, I know. Thank goodness. I think he had a pretty mild case and we seem to have caught it early and squashed it with antibiotics, so here’s hoping he wakes up tomorrow NOT looking like someone roughed him up a little.

But it’s not all bad. We got to take a trip to the fish tanks at the doctor’s office.

Photo 1

And when he asked me if we could make “pupcakes”…


…how could I resist those sweet little bloodshot eyes?

Photo 3

So we made pupcakes. Why not?


No pictures of the finished product, somehow. But trust me, they were strawberry-frosted, pinkeye-battling masterpieces.

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