I was finally ready to come to terms with it and fill you in on the changing of the guard in our house these days. I had a post in my head all about the shallow loyalties of preschoolers, the fickle and short attention spans of three year olds. In one day, out the next.

The slow but steady transition has been happening for about a month — less and less firemen, more and more “worker bees”. (Worker Bee = anyone who drives a construction vehicle or works with hand tools.)

We knew it would happen eventually, but the passion he had for firemen had me convinced it might be years before he’d have another “love”. It was a little sad to see him leaving his firemen days behind him so soon. So I started looking for dump trucks and bulldozers for his birthday and stopped acting surprised when he didn’t insist on wearing his fire boots to the grocery store.

But then he spent the entire weekend wearing this:

Heightbike 010
(That’s the “fire shirt” a friend sent a few months ago. From a REAL fireman, Mommy.)

And his unwavering choice for Hat Day at school today sealed the deal. His heart is still in the firehouse.

Day 4

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