It may seem unconventional, but we are low-maintenance birthday people. We don’t do pinatas and we don’t do party hats and we don’t do themed, coordinated decorations and favors. Every year, on the anniversary of the day we became a family of three, we spend time together – as that family of three. We play outside or eat a special supper or just spend time — together.

Before you say it, let me assure you that I know. I KNOW. It’s not a sustainable plan. Someday (probably soon) he’ll want to invite his friends and have a big party with presents and cake and games and chaos. And I’ll be happy to coordinate (and clean up after) that mess when the time comes, but for now we are spending his birthdays exactly like we want to.

And despite our “non-traditional”, low-key approach, we do have our own handful of traditions. First, the family picture on our back fence. We have taken this exact picture in this exact spot every June 18th for the last four years.

Birthday 005_edit

Second. Birthday shirt! This year, this one got a bit out of hand. I couldn’t decide between a fireman and a dump truck for the front — mostly because these days COLT can’t decide between firemen and dump trucks… — so I ended up doing one of each!


He got to wear one to school and one to supper. And supper was at his request — Chuck E. Cheese’s. Yes, folks, this is as wild as we get. Chuck E. Cheese’s on a Monday night. We were almost the only people there!

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Birthday 042_edit

Birthday 011_edit

Birthday 015_edit

Birthday 018_edit

Birthday 019_edit

We had a ball. We played and played, ate bad pizza, and laughed a lot. It was perfect. Happy, happy birthday, Buddy.

Birthday 047_edit

One thought on “Month of Colt: Day 20

  1. Looks like a great night, Sarah. An empty Chuck E. Cheese looks like the best kind of Chuck E. Cheese.

    I love that kid and his cool Mom. I hope his tummy is feeling better.

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