It is “Celebrate My Boys” weekend at this house — Father’s Day AND Colt’s birthday. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow for pictures of the FOUR year old, but today – Father’s Day.

Fathersday 004_edit

And God bless preschool, they make the most gosh darn adorable gifts with these kiddos. Seriously. The cuteness consumes me.

Fathersday 007_edit

This next one might be my favorite part. It’s a questionnaire about Daddy — and there are even a few shreds of truth in it! (Click the photo to enlarge.)

Fathersday 010_edit

And here is a portrait of Colt and Daddy. Daddy is “wearing his glasses”. (“And there’s also someone on a swing.”)

Fathersday 011_edit

Happy Father’s Day! And Happy Birthday Eve!

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