Big Boy Bed | Part II (If you missed Part I, click here.)

Here’s where we left off.

Bigboybed 045_edit

That is the crib (recently known as the Little Boy Bed, rather than the Baby Bed) that has now survived 15 members of the Martin lineage. It was used by my grandparents for all ten of their children — my Dad being #2 of those ten, and then it held each of my parents’ four children — yours truly being #2 of those four. And for the past four years it has been where the glorious, sleepy magic happens for our little monkey.

But it was time.

So we put in our order with Papaw’s Workshop and anxiously awaited the delivery. Dad arrived in Fayetteville late Friday night and Saturday was our “work day”. Colt has talked for WEEKS about helping Papaw “fix things” and he knew exactly which shirt was appropriate for his Worker Bee day with Papaw.

Bigboybed 006_edit

As luck would have it my family has quite the sense of humor, and my sister Laura sent my Dad his shirt for the occasion.

Bigboybed 012_edit

Oh yes. It reads: Never fear. Grandpa is here!

So, needless to say, we were ready.

First, gotta unpack the truck.

Bigboybed 028_edit

Bigboybed 021_edit


(I did exactly as much work as these photos suggest.)

Once we made room in the truck, it was time to load up and go pick out a new mattress.


How many Papaws have miniature aviators lying around? It’s but one of the many benefits of never throwing anything away, right Dad?


Mattress, secured. Now, time to assemble.

Bigboybed 047_edit

Bigboybed 048_edit

Bigboybed 050_edit

Bigboybed 053_edit

Eventually, it started looking like a bed!


(Believe it or not, there were many, many more “in progress” photos taken and texted to both Jeff, who is still out of town, and Mamaw, who couldn’t be here this weekend. I will spare you the time lapse effect.)

Bigboybed 058_edit

These two were like peas in a pod all day. I loved it.

In fact, here’s a bonus photo of the two of them fixing a hinge on the antique icebox Dad brought me from my parents’ house. “Papaw, me and you – we’re worker bees.”

Bigboybed 033_edit

And just like that – the finished product!

Bigboybed 061_edit

Here’s a bit of goofiness.  I was taking a photo of our “inspiration piece” (the bunkbeds from his play firehouse — which, not coincidentally, feature bright red bedding) when Colt laid his little head down and told me, “I love my new bed, Mommy.”

Bigboybed 067_edit

Me too, Buddy. Me too. By this time (Sunday night), we have already had one solid night’s sleep and one successful nap time in the new bed. He’s working on Night #2 right now.

It may seem like we waited forever for this particular milestone, but I wouldn’t change it if given the chance. The timing was perfect for us — and for him — and I hope he remembers this weekend building his bed with Papaw. When I think of my Dad lovingly measuring and cutting and staining each and every piece of this beautiful piece of furniture that has absolutely enchanted my little guy, it makes me a little weepy but incredibly grateful to have this talented, generous family.

Bigboybed 065_edit

Goodnight, my Big Boy!

Bigboybed_nightvision 001_edit

2 thoughts on “Month of Colt: Day 10

  1. I want your dad to build Charlie things! That’s amazing.
    On a related note: we moved Charlie to a big girl bed today and at first she HATED it even though she had been so excited about the idea of it. In the end she did just fine after we piled up every stuffed animal we could find onto the bed and assured her she would not fall out. Bless her heart.

  2. Oh Sarah, what a sublimely magical entry. I love Papaw’s t-shirt.

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