When I was pregnant with Colt I was introduced to children's clothing consignment sales.  My friend Nancy told me to check out Rhea Lana's and "get there early".  So I showed up ten minutes before the doors were to open and was floored to see a line of women already wrapped around the building. As I got closer I noticed I was one of the only people there not wielding an empty laundry basket or over-sized shopping bag. These people meant business.

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As I browsed the racks that day I remember feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clothing and accessories and shoes – for babies. The smaller the babies the bigger the selection. I shopped over an hour and didn't even get to every rack of Newborn/0-3 stuff.

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The first two years or so I was a huge fan of these sales – I would show up with plenty of time to shop the racks and racks of barely worn, "like new" clothing and I was thrilled with the deals I would find.

But as he got a little older the selection got a little smaller, and I began to take notice of the racks across the room for the "big kids" — smaller still.

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Hmm. Why the small selection of "big kid" stuff? Do people stop buying cute clothes for their kids when they get older? Does the "cuteness" of tiny clothes wear off? Do they lose the energy required to prep clothes for consignment? What gives? Where are all the "like new" clothes for big kids?

It puzzled me.

Colt got new shoes this week, and somehow it doesn't puzzle me anymore.

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