I’ve all but decided 5Ks just aren’t my distance, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go back and run the race that started it all.

Cowpaddy 044_edit

The Cow Paddy. A sentimental favorite. It was my first 5K ever last year and I had my heart set on running it again so I hurried home from work that Friday afternoon to get ready. This was the weekend right after the Hogeye so my brain was all kinds of tired, and I forgot to pre-register. No problem, right? I’ll just register when we get there. Yeah, so naturally we were running a bit late and I got to the registration table with about 5 minutes to spare.

“Can I still register?”

*Dumb look.* “Umm, ok.”



I had 30 seconds to say hello to a few friends and it was time to line up.

Cowpaddy 009_edit

This was my first race – my first RUN – after the Hogeye, so I had reasonably low expectations. I just wanted to run, and get everything moving again.


The course was different this year – 100% on grass. Not my favorite. Some people like it because it’s softer, but it makes me feel slow and just makes me nervous. I spend way too much mental energy worrying about stepping in a hole and breaking an ankle. But grass it was!

Either way, the real story here isn’t about me. It’s about this guy!

Cowpaddy 035_edit

Cowpaddy 037_edit

SEI20120420_1791 SEI20120420_1792

I don’t know how I ever finish a race without him.

After we finished, one of the race directors came over and told us to be sure and stay for the awards. I thought, ‘surely not…’ but stranger things have happened, so we stuck around.

Instead of the usual door prizes, they did “awards” for things like Cutest Couple, Nicest Calves and Craziest Hair. Then they called out, “Sweetest Smile! Runner 265’s little boy!”

Buddy! You won a prize!


Cowpaddy 046_edit

A gym bag full of stuff: t-shirt, water bottle, visor, and other goodies. I should have known he’d win something at a race before I would! Ha!

Cowpaddy 040_edit

Buddy, thanks for helping me come full circle in style.

**Don’t be alarmed. A full recap of Marathon #2 is forthcoming. Unfortunately, the fine folks at Sport Photo do not operate at the speed of blogging and have yet to post official race photos. Should be tomorrow.**


3 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. I suppose a little fella will need his own board for hangin medals before too long. Good job Colt! A smile is always the best way to go :)

  2. Again another Blog post that made my eyes water. :) So very sweet.

  3. Ummmm….I got you a cow and I believe you won a huge trophy last summer!! Colt deserves a prize for a sweet smile!!

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