Eventually we will learn. Only tell Colt about an upcoming trip or event when you are prepared to hear about it every 5 minutes until the big day. Luckily, his anticipation is exciting and adorable – so we don't mind much.

When we picked him up from school Friday afternoon as we headed out of town, his teachers let us know he had started telling them on Monday – he was headed to Pop and Ninny's house! He has been increasingly more aware of his grandparents and more excited than ever to see them so he could not WAIT to get to Arkadelphia for their birthdays.

Sadly, since we would be out of town, we were going to miss NWA Touch-A-Truck that Saturday. But little did we know Colt's Aunt Sarah and Uncle Frank had plans! They hooked us up with their friend Ms. Tammy – and what turned out to be our own personal Touch-A-Truck.

Ms. Tammy and her husband have their very own fire truck — and so much more. I didn't think we'd be able to get Colt to leave.

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Can you feel the back of your neck gettin' dirty and gritty? At one point, he actually asked me if he could go home and take a bath! Dirt = fun, Buddy!

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Ms. Tammy, your house is 3-year-old-boy HEAVEN. You were probably just being nice when you offered to have us back anytime we are in town — but don't be surprised if we take you up on it!

After our morning "on the farm" everyone was more than ready for naps. But then it was time for the party! Colt was really excited and kept asking if there would be "lots of presents". I tried to temper his expectations, but I don't think it kept him from picturing Christmas morning… He kept insisting he would only open the presents that had his name on them. Ha!

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Happiest of birthdays! These two are only four days apart and have been celebrating together for 58 years!

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My clever sister-in-law, Sarah, created a game for us with trivia about the guests of honor, the year they were born and the year they were married. It was a night full of memories and storytelling — and lots and lots of laughs.

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Above: Ninny & Pop, and their grandchildren.

Below: The Hoods.

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Happy Birthday, Ninny and Pop! And many more!

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