Still talking about marathons…

Thanks to the new timeline tool I was able to pull this beauty from my Facebook page — one year ago today.


So Molly – I can’t say you didn’t warn me… “Gateway drug” is just about right.

This won’t surprise about half of you, but I’ve already committed to another marathon. This weekend. I feel like I have something left and I don’t know when I’ll get to train up to this distance again. I have another marathon in me – why not?

So I’m doing it all over again this Sunday in Oklahoma City – my original goal race. Bigger race, more people, more energy, (hopefully!) less rain — still 26.2.

I think the race has an app if you’re interested — and please keep me, my legs and my lungs in your thoughts come 6:30am Sunday morning.

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2 thoughts on “Still talking about marathons…

  1. Sarah, I love this post! It’s brought back so many memories of this past year for me. You and I share a similar path in our running. I started running 3-1-11 to train for the running portion of a triathlon. Running scared me! I did my first 5k on April 30th and was supposed to start adding cycling to my training. I’m sure you can guess that I never added the cycling and never did that triathlon. What I have done is 2 50k trail runs and plan to run a 100 mile trail run one day. I’m an addict! I think you’re a fair bit faster than I am, but we should run together sometime.

  2. I’m so excited for you at OKC this weekend – you’re going to rock it!! Good luck and can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

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