I’m running a marathon tomorrow

It has just occurred to me I never made it blog-official that I changed my original marathon plans.


Surprise! I’m running a marathon tomorrow! And I’m really looking forward for my half marathon training plan to unravel in a really fruitful way.

I was originally planning to run the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 29, but for various reasons including the steadily increasing temperatures and the lovely thought of sleeping in my own bed the night before I decided to adjust the schedule and run the Hogeye – right here in Fayetteville.

So… it’s tomorrow.

Physically, I’m ready. As ready as I can be. I’ve done the training, I’ve tapered for three weeks, and my legs feel so rested after a week of no running — I kinda can’t wait till the gun goes off in the morning.

Mentally, I’m a wreck. It’s TOMORROW. I can’t get my head around it. A year ago I was running my first 5K, and I couldn’t even run that entire distance without a walking break. I couldn’t imagine this day was even possible. Honestly. Two years ago when I was writing my Life List I remember writing “Run a Marathon” because it was on every other bucket list I’d ever seen. But then I took it off. Why would I put that on MY list? I didn’t wanna run a marathon. I didn’t have any plans to run a marathon.  But something weird happened. I started running and I started liking it — and no one is more surprised by that than I am.

I have a true understanding of what it means to start at the beginning. The first step. The first mile. The first race. And now this. Something so very, very far in the future I couldn’t even see it a year ago. Not only could I not see it — I didn’t really even know it was there.

On top of the swirling in my head and the knots in my stomach, there’s this:





It’ll be – uh – damp. But I have resolved to smile as much as possible, because, otherwise, what’s the point? Why do it at all if it isn’t fun?

I think I can sleep now.

26.2, here I come.

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  1. Two words: Body Glide!!! Its what saved me at White Rock. You are going to rock this!

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