Easter started a week early around here with the arrival of a package for the little guy last Friday. The excitement started when he saw the box at the front door after school, and as soon as he saw “My NAME Mommy, this box is FOR ME!” there was no stopping him.

My Mom sends him a fun package for nearly every holiday – with stickers, fun stuff, and usually a shirt.  He LOVES it. (When he was younger she was on a kick of sending a singing stuffed animal for every holiday – I think there’s a video of that RIGHT HERE. “The Choir”, as we came to know them included a monkey, a rabbit, a duck, a nest of chicks, and Aunt Laura added a camel at one point. The Choir has since “retired”…)

And this year…

30 March 030_edit

30 March 032_edit

30 March 033_edit

30 March 047_edit

Everything’s more fun while wearing bunny ears. And if those aren’t just the cutest bottles of bubbles!

Part 2 of “Easter is my favorite holiday since… the last holiday” was preparation for his Easter Party at school. Hoo boy was he excited. He recently moved up to a new class at school and THAT excitement hasn’t even worn off yet — so pile on an Easter Party and he was practically shaking in anticipation.

Colt had been asking for several days if he could have a “Fireman Easter basket”. I remember thinking it would be cute but probably impossible to find — and too late to order — but at the last minute! Look!

Lorax_easter 010_edit

He’s pretty much started putting the word “fire” in front of anything for an instant upgrade. Sure, Easter baskets are cool, but Fire Easter baskets – woah.

I don’t have any photos from his party, but when I picked him up after school he was grinning from ear to ear and talking non-stop about the party and the cookies and the eggs and the Easter Bunny came during naptime and the candy and the parade and OH MY GOSH I LOVE EASTER!

And he made this:

Funnybunny 002_edit

Funny Bunny. I giggle every time I look at it. Also — the “Chicks Dig Me” shirt is from the aforementioned Easter package of goodies from MawMaw.

Sunday came and we had a great service at church followed by a potluck lunch with more desserts than vegetables — yum! Happy Easter all!

Easter 002_edit

The Hoods – Easter 2012.

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