I ran, I finished, I loved it. I will post a full recap in the next few days – don’t you worry – but for now, I have a sneak peek.

Hogeye 008_edit

That would be a picture of me pre-race. I was on the phone trying to find Jennifer so we could start together.

Remember the forecast for the race?


Yep, that’s the one.

Well, as it turns out, that was the last phone call made on that poor, defenseless phone. Because that weather forecast? Yeah, that happened. I promise to give you all the details, but for now —

Aftermath 002_edit

That’s my phone, undergoing the bowl-of-rice treatment after becoming completely waterlogged during the race. We all know I couldn’t have come up with this on my own and that I have a history of Googling my way to these kinds of “remedies”, but I’ve actually heard about this one from a few reliable sources.

Bad news. It’s been in rice since Sunday afternoon. It’s now Tuesday morning. Still wet.

Any other ideas?

2 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. This remedy isn’t for the faint of heart, but my dad has warmed up an oven (to probably 190 or 200 degrees), turned it off, and left an electronic device in there for about 12 hours to dry it out completely. Beware, though: melting is a real possibility. You might put a towel between the phone and the oven rack to avoid direct contact with a heated metal surface.

    But eventually, if you keep changing the rice, it’ll probably work again. I can’t remember whether it was Ross Rushin or my friend Angie who accidentally submerged one of my old digital cameras in beer, but it eventually worked again. It took several months, but once it came back to life, I got another couple of years out of that camera. Hard to live without a phone in the meantime, though.

  2. I used the rice to dry out my camera [after dipping in the lake] I put the camera/rice mixture in a ziplock bag. Not sure if that made a difference – but it worked.

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