I have a coworker who recently shared with me her theory on weekends. She proposes all weekends be three days long: one day for play, one day for work, and one day for rest. If you only have two days you can really only do two of those things appropriately. I think it’s brilliant, and I’m prepared to sign any and all 3-Day Weekend petitions that come my way.

In the meantime, we spent our most recent two day weekend doing something more along these lines:


You could say we don’t exactly have the hang of the whole play/work/rest theory…

Nevertheless, we had a great weekend.


First, some “work”. I hadn’t realized until now that I never made this blog-official, but I decided to go for broke and run a full marathon this spring! Yes, I’ve had my final dose of the running Kool-Aid and I’ve just started week 5 of a 16 week marathon training program that will (hopefully!) end with the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on April 29th.

OKC in training

This race is part of the reason I’ve stopped scheduling so many races lately, but I’ve got a few half marathons between now and OKC that will be good training races. So you haven’t escaped the running blogs altogether!

Week 5 was actually a cut-back week so we did 9 miles Saturday morning. “We” is Jennifer and me. Jennifer has mercifully agreed to do my long training runs with me and it’s been fabulous having someone like her along for those long, cold Saturday mornings. Say a little prayer for us this coming Saturday morning — we’ve got 14 on the schedule – a new high for me!

Anyway, enough talk about running. That was really the only thing I did this weekend that semi-qualifies as “work” and I didn’t really take the nap I intended to take on Saturday so “rest” gets a small piece of the pie, too. The rest of Saturday was spent reading library books and playing firemen — which, as I’m sure you can imagine, is taken VERY seriously in this house. After one too many surprisingly detailed books about firemen, this is how he insists on leaving his pants and boots every night:

Firepants 005_edit

You know, “in case there’s a fire”.

The yellow boots belong to his semi-imaginary friend, Penny. She’s one of the characters in his favorite show, Fireman Sam, and she makes regular appearances when he’s “tendin'” to be a firefighter at home.


Not gonna lie. Sunday was all “play”.

First, we attended the Second Anniversary Celebration Service for our church, The Harbor Church of NWA. We are a small church with a big heart, and the 2nd Anniversary was a great time to get together and celebrate all we’ve seen and done in the last two years as a group.

Here’s a shot of everyone at the service on Sunday:

Harbor2nd 013_edit

After the service, Colt found every firehat in the toy box and laid them out.

Harbor 003_edit

As families were milling around talking afterward the kids were playing, and anyone that got within a few feet of “the firehouse” was recruited and given a firehat. Including us!

Harbor 004_edit

Harbor2nd 018_edit

Happy Anniversary, Harbor!

Then home for a bit of “rest” before more “play”. MUCH more “play”.

In case you hadn’t heard, there was a football game on Sunday. No big thing, really — mostly an excuse for us to get a babysitter and take part in the social phenomenon known as Super Bowl Sunday. Becky came over as Colt was waking up from his nap and they headed out to the library.

Superbowl 002_edit

Because this kid can never get enough of the library! Library! Library! And more library! I even got this picture by text later that afternoon — they did the double whammy and went to the bookstore, too.

Photo 2

Meanwhile, we were enjoying some 100% adult interaction as we Super Bowl Party-hopped our way through the evening.

Super Bowl Party #1: Jennifer’s House.

Superbowl 010_edit

Same Jennifer. Running buddy Jennifer. And Keith and Don. This group of people just makes me so happy. Pre-Colt, the six of us used to hang out nearly every weekend. Before this past Sunday, I can’t even remember the last time we were all together. It should probably be measured in “years”. Ugh. Anyway! We had a ball. Jennifer and her husband Luke just built a beautiful new house and we had a great time catching up.

Superbowl 007_edit

Look Mom, we showered! Jennifer and I usually see each other early Saturday mornings in sweaty running clothes. We clean up nice, right?

Superbowl 013_edit

I think I watched about four minutes of football and two commercials. Oh, and I ate two of these:

Photo 1

Football-shaped cake pops. Cute AND delicious!

Super Bowl Party #2: On the Mark.

This was a bit of an unplanned stop on the way from Party #1 — we got excited…

And we stopped in at On the Mark, a sports bar in Fayetteville with WAY too many TVs. It was halftime at this point, so we tried to watch what we could of Madonna’s show — but THIS was very distracting:


Photo credit goes to Jeff – he live-tweeted most of our evening.  And if you look closely you can see Madonna on the TV over the flip cup craziness.

Superbowl 031_edit

Superbowl 029_edit

Super Bowl Party #3: Josh and Courtney’s House

This is where it got REALLY crazy. We joined Josh and Courtney (and their almost one year old baby, Carter) and Cruz and Stacy (whose almost one year old baby, Brayden, was already sleeping in the other room) and we finished our evening talking babies and sleeping and all kinds of other craaaaaaazy things with our friends-with-babies.


Perfect ending to a fun night. Not sure how I managed to not take a photo of our group, but this one Jeff tweeted of the tops of our heads over the comfy couch and just beyond the yummy football food will have to do.

Super Bowl Parties – Success! We enjoyed our evening, got a great report from Becky when we got home, and were in bed by 10 o’clock. Can’t beat it.

I’d say the balance of work/play/rest in our weekend was just about right, yes?

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  1. I am totally gonna start keeping my boots and pants like that. What a time saver.

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