Saturday morning I was headed out the door for my last long run before the Little Rock Half Marathon next weekend and I grabbed my Garmin off the charger.


You have GOT to be kidding me.

I’m 8 days from my next race and 63 days away from THE race, and my Garmin dies? No no no.

But sure enough, it was completely frozen — wouldn’t power on, wouldn’t charge – nothing.

So I did what any rational adult would do and I threw the piece of expensive junk back into my gym bag and huffed out of the house.

Naked wrist

Naked wrist while running = UNHAPPY Sarah. I posted this picture to Facebook before our run that morning — thanks Facebook friends for the support (and tolerance) of my whining.

We did our 10 miles just fine and I didn’t collapse and die without my watch… but it was a seriously strange feeling to not be able to look down every few minutes and check our pace. I started an inner dialogue with myself about how to get a new watch in the next few days so I could stay on track for training and racing — and how much I would need to spend to get a good one.

Argh! Stupid watch!

But I can’t be the first person ever in the history of Garmin watches to have this problem, right? Surely there’s some other poor sap out there who had this problem AND discovered a solution — and maybe, just maybe, posted about it on the internet. Right?!

But then there’s THIS. Bad things happen when I Google tech advice… Nevertheless there I was, Googling “reboot my Garmin 305”. And wouldn’t you know it, but the very first Google result was all the searching I needed to do. A site called and his ever so helpful post from 2009 titled “How to Reboot a Garmin Forerunner 305 That Locked Up When Recharging on the Cradle and Won’t Power On“.

Step 1: Press Mode (bottom left side button) and Reset (left front button) simultaneously, then let go.

Step 2: There is no Step 2… It will now Power On normally.


Wish I’d taken the 5 seconds to do THAT Saturday morning instead of stomping out of the house and slamming the door in childish frustration behind me.

Live and learn, right?

2 thoughts on “Thank God for Google

  1. Our crew will be at the half on Sunday too! My parents are running the full. My youngest brother, my two cousins and my aunt and I are all doing the half. It’s going to be a good race!

  2. I would love to see you guys, Molly! As the last few weeks have unfolded I’ve discovered I might know SEVERAL people running next weekend. I can’t wait for the energy of this race. Just the BUILD UP is giving me energy to run.

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