The family that Skee-Balls together

1. We had A LOT of fun Wednesday night at Fun City.

Funcity 013_edit

Funcity 016_edit

Funcity 022_edit

Funcity 030_edit

Funcity 041_edit

2. If you wait until the evening is over and the boys are exhausted, you will be lucky to get a halfhearted yet still (obviously) adorable photo of these cuties.

Funcity 043_edit
(Colt and Carter. Carter’s parents are longtime friends of ours — Josh and Courtney.)

3. Colt still poses no real threat to the golf community.

(CLICK HERE if you don’t see a video.)

One thought on “The family that Skee-Balls together

  1. He does almost as well as I do at golf, but he’s cuter.

    Love ya guys,

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