Today isn’t your birthday or the first day of school or Mother’s Day or any other traditionally significant day in our lives. It’s just a Monday. And you’re on my mind.

You’re so seamlessly part of our lives now I feel like I sometimes take for granted what an incredible little person you are. Lately, every time I describe you as “a three year old” your Daddy is quick to remind me that you’re “almost four”. And, sure, in some ways I’m sad that you’re growing up so quickly — looking and acting almost nothing like a baby anymore. But mostly, I am in love with you getting older and spunkier – and more and more YOU.

I have a terrible memory. But I am desperate to remember everything about you at this very minute of your life. I just want to write down every single word you say and take a picture of every expression on your dirty little face. I never want to forget the sound of your laugh when Daddy sings the wrong words or the shape of your mouth when you say the word “belly”. I never want to forget your uncanny ability to spot a fireman-themed book from ANYWHERE in the bookstore or the way you chronically get flamingos confused with pelicans.

Some things about you will change or fade as you grow up. Who knows? You could someday drop that southern accent that currently rivals anything coming out of your Daddy’s mouth, and you’ll eventually outgrow your fire boots.  It’s unlikely you’ll still be volunteering to “help” me in the kitchen ten years from now, and I worry that your sleepy little head won’t always fit so perfectly onto my shoulder. But I pray you’ll always have the boundless imagination and genuine heart that are such a big part of your little three year old self. And someday when you are far too cool and grown-up to be snuggling with me at bedtime, I promise not to tell anyone if you ever just need a hug from your Mama.

You are Mommy’s baby and Daddy’s boy, and one of my two favorite people in this whole crazy world.

I love you more today than yesterday.


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  1. Sarah,

    Love this written portrait of your boy…

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