Whether it’s because I’m embarrassed to admit it or because I simply can’t remember, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since last I had a valid library card. I assume my University of Arkansas student ID doesn’t count so that means it was at least pre-2000, and now I’ve distracted myself with that little reminder that I graduated from high school almost TWELVE years ago. Anyway. It’s been a while.

But this weekend, I got back on the wagon. And I brought Colt with me. His babysitter has taken him to the Fayetteville Public Library a few times, but I never had. But before you sit in judgement of any perceived reading famine you should be reminded our house is FULL of books and there is constant reading. Ninny (Jeff’s mom) is a retired school teacher and librarian, Colt’s cousin Courtney works in children’s book publishing, and MawMaw and PawPaw (my parents) are firm believers that — somewhere out there — there is indeed a book for everything — and they probably own it… Over the years Courtney has made it her personal mission to ensure Colt has the most impressive and beautiful library of books you have ever seen, and whether it’s Ninny, MawMaw, or right here at home — there is never a shortage of laps built for sharing a book or two.

So I took Colt to the library Sunday afternoon and we made it official. Baby’s First Library Card!

Library 015_edit

That afternoon, he almost couldn’t wait to get in bed for his nap because he knew when he woke up it was Library Time! SO excited. And the library didn’t disappoint.

I know I’m probably late to the party and the rest of Fayetteville has been enjoying this place for years and years, but seriously – our library is gorgeous. I’m so sad the new building has been open since 2004 and I never set foot in it until this week. I didn’t want to leave – we stayed until they closed.

Library 005_edit

The light just spilled in the big, beautiful windows and the kids’ section was so clean and colorful and inviting. I instantly loved it, and Colt felt right at home, moving from puzzle to puzzle and picking out books.

His only real complaint was that the library sorts children’s books by author, not topic, so after searching for a few exasperating minutes, he wandered up to the desk and politely asked the attendant, “Where are the fire books?” She was so sweet and helped him find a few.

Library 008_edit

By the time we left we had pretty well cleaned the place out of any children’s books with “fire” in the title. Firefighters, fire trucks, fire drills, fire dogs.

Library 012_edit

Self check-out at the library! He did it all himself, book by book. He would wait for the big green check mark telling him the computer had read the sticker on that book, then he’d stack it up and grab the next one.

Despite my explaining it 17 different ways, the whole concept of the library is a bit lost on him I’m afraid. He wants to go again tomorrow and “buy” more books. It might take us a few rounds of borrowing and returning to truly get the hang of it, but there’s no doubt I have a book fan on my hands.

Library 014_edit

2 thoughts on “By the book

  1. Colt asked me to let you know that it was not “Baby’s” first card it was a “young boy’s” first card. He is quite sure that he is well past the time when he was a baby. LOL

  2. We really are blessed with an amazing library. I took Charlie to Baby Bookworms whenever possible until I went back to work. Miss Shae (sp?) is like a modern-day Mary Poppins. I’m not even kidding. That woman makes my heart happy.
    After Bookworms we would go pick out books in that ginormous kids’ area. Love it.

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