You think you know a kid…

The Christmas momentum continues to build around here and I wish Colt could be 3 1/2 for the holidays every single year. His questions about baby Jesus are precious, his excitement and adoration for Santa Claus are heartwarming, and his impatience to get the heck to his grandparents' houses this week is something we all share.

We've made it a tradition to take him to see the Lights of the Ozarks at the downtown Fayetteville square and this year was no less magical than years past.

In fact, speaking of years past, take note of something I wrote this time last year:

"We watched the pony rides and the camel rides from a safe distance, and I got a little closer to accepting the fact that Colt is his father's child and will likely never enjoy such Christmas torture as sitting on Santa's lap or riding a camel around the town square in 40 degree weather. Such is life" — December 2010

Well that just shows you how much MOTHERS know.

We went to the square and started to make a lap, enjoying the lights.  Before long, Colt spotted the ponies and insisted we stop. The line was forever long so we said howdy to the ponies and kept moving. But then — he spotted the camels.

Despite his confidence, Jeff and I were absolutely certain Colt wouldn't be riding a camel. I could just picture us waiting in line for 20 minutes, paying our camel money, climbing up on the platform — and him chickening out. But he didn't budge. We pointed to the line of people waiting for the camels and told him he would have to wait his turn, behind all those other kids. But he didn't budge. So we all stood in line and watched the camel rides and enjoyed the lights. Until it was finally our turn. And lucky Mama! We couldn't very well let him ride on an 8 foot camel all by himself – so I got to ride, too!

When I tell you he marched right up those stairs I mean he did it like he's been riding camels for years. My being there for companionship and security was less than an afterthought. We strapped on our helmets disguised as Santa hats and climbed on.

Xmaslights 003_edit_edit

Jeff was still in disbelief that this was all happening so smoothly so he went all out and took photos AND video of the event.

Xmaslights 006_edit_edit

Xmaslights 010_edit

(If you are viewing via email please click here to enjoy the video.)

A real camel, folks. This kid isn't messin' around.

And he was just getting warmed up.

No sooner did we dismount and give I-just-rode-a-camel high fives than we turned around and saw the sign for Santa and the reindeer. And I knew where we would be headed next.

On the way to Santa, we met Rudolph who wasn't in the best of moods —

Xmaslights 014_edit

It's tough to tell from this photo, but Rudolph had antlers. Sharp, pointy antlers. And they were just about the height of the face of a certain 3 year old who REALLY wanted to pet Rudolph. Needless to say we didn't spend more time than necessary with Rudolph. Colt was really only there to see the Big Guy, anyway.

But again, we doubted him. We were prepared to stand in line for Santa and have one of two things happen:

  1. Colt would freeze in his tracks, rendered completely mute, and we would have to carry him from Santa's Workshop, making room for the next kid in line.
  2. Colt would freak out when we suggested he sit on Santa's lap and we would have yet another Santa & Colt & Mommy photo op.

Jeff just kept saying, "there's no way he's sitting on Santa's lap. No way."

But sure enough.

Xmaslights 019_edit

I guess if you want a new fire truck badly enough you do what it takes.

Xmaslights 022_edit

Again, video was a must:

(If you are viewing via email please click here to enjoy the video.)

He had a nice little chat with Santa Claus, no doubt explaining the anatomy of a fire truck, the differences between a pumper truck and a hook-and-ladder truck and a rescue truck… you know, normal stuff. And then he was done. He got his candy cane and we were off! I don't think I could have scripted a more pleasant Santa experience.

What we had assumed would be a quick trip around the square to see the lights had unfolded into quite the eventful evening. Camels, Rudolph, Santa. Honestly, we weren't totally prepared for all that and we either had to forgo the pony rides and head home — or take a trip to the ATM!

I'm so, so glad we went and I couldn't be prouder of my confident little guy. These Hoods are officially ready for Christmas.

Xmaslights 024_edit

3 thoughts on “You think you know a kid…

  1. 1. He looks so little bitty on that camel!
    2. Santa’s cheeks are a little creepy.
    3. It’s THREE fire trucks, not just one. Come on now.
    4. I love that kid. You Hoods make ’em right.

  2. What a cute post!! I LOVE the squinch face with Santa…Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your holiday with us :)

  3. So did you hit the ATM and get to the ponies or did the camel ride do it for him? Great pictures. Too bad he isn’t here, he would love the way Santa rides through our neighborhood every year on a “Fire Truck” with siren wailing. The first year it scared me, as I thought someone was having a home fire at Christmas time.

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