Maybe it's the hangover from the emotionally draining fall months or being busy as heck at work or the warmish weather or all the focus I was putting on getting ready for my race last weekend — but I haven't felt much Christmas spirit this year.

I read Facebook accounts of Black Friday shopping and I've seen people posting pictures with Santa – and I just wasn't feeling it.

Until this week.

Over the weekend, Colt's Aunt Lynn sent him an Elf on the Shelf and – though we have yet to agree on her name – she (yes, SHE) has added a splash of holiday cheer to the house. Hopefully Jambalaya/Chip/Smoky will inspire some Santa-worthy behavior in all of us between now and Christmas.

Then Sunday we went to a show at the Walton Arts Center — a really cool, larger-than-life puppet show of the Eric Carle stories Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. SUCH a cool show and I loved seeing all the other families there — kiddos all dressed up in Christmas duds.


Then! We finally did that Christmas thing I've been waiting to do with my own kid since that year I borrowed my friend Nancy's kid! Gingerbread!

We got a train because, well, as soon as I saw there was such a thing as a gingerbread train I knew we had to have it.

Gingerbreadtrain 023_edit

Gingerbreadtrain 015_edit

Gingerbreadtrain 021_edit

Gingerbreadtrain 011_edit

Gingerbreadtrain 027_edit

The Christmas spirit has arrived.

2 thoughts on “That’s the spirit!

  1. I won’t lie–I got a little teary eyed looking at Colt doing that train and remembering you with Abby at that age. Glad your spirit has arrived!

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