I know! I said I wasn't doing anymore 5Ks for a while… Getting ready for the half marathon… Longer runs on the weekends… I know!

But some friends were talking about running a local 5K on Veterans Day weekend that would benefit the Fayetteville National Cemetery, and I couldn't say no.

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The atmosphere for the race was pretty cool — lots of retired military folks and ROTC students from the University.

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With a bigger crowd than I'd anticipated (on the morning of the last Razorback home game of the season), we all lined up, observed a moment of silence for veterans and their families here and across the world, and we took off.

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Me, of course, waving to my adoring, pint-sized, biggest fan on the sidelines.

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The race began at the cemetery itself and went north through the south end of town. And – since it's Fayetteville – somehow it was uphill both ways.


Ok fine, there were SOME downhill sections. But check out that first 2 miles! Hill — catch your breath — another hill — catch your breath — oh, wait ANOTHER hill. Awesome.

And these guys did the entire thing in formation!

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Veterans5K 037_edit

After 3.1 miles of hilly Fayetteville it was time to cross the finish line with my favorite running buddy.

Veterans5K 028_edit

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Results aren't posted online yet, but my time was around 30:37. Not even close to my best time, but the race was a fun one. Hills, more hills, and a great cause.

Alongside my boys, a few friends even braved the cold to come cheer me on! Jennifer (in purple) was supposed to run, too, but is nursing a foot injury. And Tena couldn't resist the cause either. After the race, we went into the cemetery to find her Dad. She hadn't been back to visit him since he was buried there over a year ago. It's such a perfectly peaceful place. I'm glad I got to be there with her for that moment.

Veterans5K 034_edit

My shirt attracted the attention of this man, pictured here with his grandson — and Colt and me.

Veterans5K 038_edit

He is a West Pointer – Class of '62. Coming up on his 50th! reunion this spring. I can't for the life of me remember his first name, but it was great to chat with him before and after the race.

A fantastic way to spend Veterans Day weekend. Thank a veteran. Today – and every day.

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  1. Looking good. A great way to honor Veteran’s day. :)

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