Almost ten years ago my friend Autumn invited me to a Taste of Home Cooking School event. I went for purely social reasons, of course, as I lived by myself and had neither the inclination nor the motivation to cook anything beyond microwave popcorn or Hamburger Helper.

I kept the cookbook from that night and – for reasons I can’t remember – I took it home with me that year at Thanksgiving. Maybe I figured it could be my contribution to the family meal — a new cookbook (and its recipe for green beans!) in exchange for staying as far away from actual cooking as possible. RecipeImage

Either way, it worked. The green beans were cooked and enjoyed. And everyone involved agreed they were something I was certainly able to handle on my own.  So while my cooking skills have improved dramatically since then, I still make these green beans every chance I get.

After tweaking it slightly from the version you might find out there on the internet, I’ve now given the recipe to countless people over the years — twice just this week! So I thought I’d post it today for all the folks out there still piecing together a Thanksgiving menu. YOUR FAMILY WILL LOVE THESE.

[typography font=”Copse” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#336600″]Click here to download/print the recipe.[/typography]

(I just made a batch of these YESTERDAY for a dinner at church, but didn’t think to take any pictures for you. But really, they look a lot like the above picture I stole politely borrowed from Google images.)


One thought on “The best green beans you’ll ever eat

  1. I had forgotten about that trip to the TOH Cooking School. Fun memories! We miss these green beans at The Harbor. Maybe I’ll have to start making them.

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