Close your eyes and pretend you're in the Land of Two Weeks Ago.

Halloween was still in the far off distance, the new iPhone had not yet landed, and your Facebook News Feed was not yet crowded with World Series play-by-play. In the Land of Two Weeks Ago, these Hoods kept themselves pretty busy for all the blissfully right reasons, but the Blog of Two Weeks Ago didn't do a very good job keeping up with the blissful busy-ness. Not to worry! The Sarah of Blogging Yet To Come took very good notes and is happy to share with you a few fun pictures and soundbites from the Land of Two Weeks Ago.

Open your eyes.

Now then.


Fayetteville is such a nice, quiet place to live about 51 weeks of the year. That 52nd week – there's this:

BBB 028_edit

It grows every year and these bikes literally take over the town. It's hard to tell from that picture, but there are bikes lining the street as far as you can see, and a constant "parade" of bikes for gawkers and curious 3 year olds to appreciate.

BBB 035_edit

My Uncle Jerry has been keeping Colt in Harley gear since he was an infant, always sending a new bib or shirt or jacket as he grows out of the one before. And this one has got to be my favorite yet. It came in the mail JUST in time for the rally this year and Colt couldn't wait to wear it.

He is in absolute awe of the motorcycles and probably could have watched them for hours, but we had to walk around a bit, soak up the culture that is Bikes, Blues & BBQ. Oh, and we had to figure out how to split cheesecake-on-a-stick three ways. Easier said than done.

BBB 027_edit

I managed to not get a great shot of the front of the shirt, but trust me – it's adorable. See that look of concentration and focus? That's what his face looked like the entire time we were there. No smiling. Just soaking it all up.

BBB 010_edit

Admittedly, I am never sad to see the bikes roll out of town after the rally. I know they'll be back.


Switching gears a bit, and trading Harley gear for 3D glasses – feast your eyes on THIS.

Lionking 004_edit

This picture makes me giggle. Glasses on. Eyes locked on Simba and Pumba. ENTIRE ARM buried in the popcorn tub… That's my boy!

We spent a Sunday afternoon at the re-release of Lion King in 3D and had such a good time. My sister Becky (Bec-Bec) went with us so I had someone to sing with — am I the only one who forgot how much fun music there is in that movie?? This was movie #3 for The Boy and the first in 3D and we made it through the whole thing, kinda. The glasses came off about halfway through — honestly, is it too much to ask that a 3D kids' movie provide 3D glasses that might fit a KID? He fussed with his glasses and finally decided they weren't worth it, but loved the movie anyway. Crazy kid.


But wait! There's more!

Same kid, different weekend.

IMG_0664_edit IMG_0687_edit

I've posted about our adventures at the Fayetteville Farmers' Market before, but Colt never tires of it. He likes to "help" Bec-Bec "walk" her dog Woody around the same square and see the same vendors and hear the same music and pet the same dogs and play in the same dirt and pick up the same rocks — every Saturday morning he possibly can. He even picked out a new Q-number! (Preschooler to English translation: cucumber.) This month has provided some of the most absolute perfect weather for strolling around the square and we've tried to take advantage every chance we get.

Saturdays, of course, are also what Colt now knows as "Football Day". And though we still haven't taken him to a game, he is getting pretty comfortable at the ole tailgate.

IMG_0695_edit IMG_0692_edit

Looks like my hair got a little wind-crazy for that photo, but I love it. And who doesn't love a little guy calling the Hogs? This kid is hopeless. Now if only we could convince him his favorite color isn't ORANGE…


There you have it. We're a visit from grandparents and a trip back and forth to Cabot away from being all caught up on October. Stay tuned.

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