This kid has a memory like a steel trap. He forgets nothing. If we drive by a park or a restaurant we went to while either set of grandparents was here — no matter how long ago it was — he remembers, and it usually triggers a whole slew of stories about other things he did that weekend, what he was Day 7 wearing, what we ate. Seriously. He pointed to my watch a few weeks ago and reminded me that I got it at Wool's house. ("Wool" is his cousin Will. We were there for Christmas when I received the watch as a gift. Yes, Buddy, I got my watch at Wool's house. LAST DECEMBER.) He forgets NOTHING.

So grocery shopping has become just as comical as everything else around here since he really started talking. He'll hear me thinking out loud at the house as I'm making my list — reminding myself not to forget bananas or milk. And when we get to the store, he'll "remind" me on every aisle, "Don't forget 'nanas, Mama!" Until I actually pick out some bananas and put them in the cart. Then it's, "Mama! We didn't forget 'nanas! We almost forgot them. But we didn't forget!"

Love this kid.


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