Game Day! Jeff had a chance to help the TV crew in the press box so Colt and I headed to campus to tailgate with some friends. Colt divided his time between playing football with the big kids (mostly getting in their way, but they were so incredibly sweet to play with him) and snatching chicken nuggets from the food table.

 Firstgameday 023_edit

As you can see, he took his first tailgate party of the season VERY seriously. And after a few guys came by our spot and handed out little American flags he didn't let go of his until we got home. And not before he asked if he could take it to church with him in the morning.

Still a little young for the game, he was perfectly content to spend the evening "at home" with friends — adults watching the game on TV, kiddos playing and watching a movie. He dozed off on the way home in the car, a happy boy.

It's music to my ears when he calls the Hogs and talks about going to see the Razorbacks (I think he thinks they live IN the stadium), but it's all part of growing up in this town. Go Hogs.

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